Portable City

A watercolour landscape painting from this past summer. Kettles Lake is where I drew a lot of my inspiration for Orin and the Dead Man’s Sword, and getting up to Awenda to see the forest and the lake just made it clearer how perfectly beautiful and creepy it is up there.

A sketch of a Toronto park from this summer.

A drawing from our campsite at Rock Point, earlier this summer. 

(Source: portablecity)

A painting of a Toronto park from this summer.

Last night’s dnd drawing: Mumbles rides again! Slowly, on foot, over the desert. 


Reruns continue! This is weird because it’s specifically a christmas season comic and now in reruns land it’s September, but that’s pretty normal for summer reruns on tv, right?

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We are starting a game of 5th Ed DnD finally! Chris pallidmask Huth is running it, and he’s reskinned a lot of the game to feel more cromulent, because he knows his players.

Since I love me a good half-orc PC, I picked the reskinned equivalent race, Howardian apemen, with every intent of playing the ape equivalent of the white orc from the Hobbit.


We already had a barbarian, so I opted to be a ranger.

Then, when we got to pick our backgrounds, I felt like Folk Hero was too good to pass up. And when I rolled on the folk hero chart for why I’m no longer actively folk-heroing, it turned out to be due to my previous activity, stealing from corrupt merchants and giving to the poor.

So, now I’m pretty much playing a fuzzy Robin Hood. Further updates next week on how that’s going for me in a world of Howardian monstrosities and corruption.

And for the record, I’m basically a Siamang, which is not a Great ape, but is definitely an ape. Given my character stats are more nimble than bulky, being a gorilla or orangutan just didn’t make sense, and I’m just not that into chimpanzees. Anyways I get a hilarious throat sac I haven’t even drawn inflated yet, but just you wait.

(Source: portablecity)


Here’s a peek at how the custom Dark card designs are progressing from sketches toward refined line work and finished illustrations.

Art by Rachel Kahn

It’s always a blast working on projects with open development! Here is a sneak peek from Will of the card art I’m working on for his game Project: Dark. 

I’ve made a tag for all the presentations, workshops, panels, walkthroughs and timelapse videos I’ve made, so you can browse them whenever you’re looking for inspiration or heady conceptual exercises or a soothing narration about watercolour pigments. Click here to see them all!